Our new family film Martin and the Magical Forest will be released in Slovak cinemas on July 8, 2021.

Exactly on Children’s Day, we are publishing the official trailer for the new family film Martin and the Magical Forest. In addition to human characters, the first shots also show magical forest creatures that come to life when we are not looking. The main children’s characters are Sebastian Pöthe and Jozefína Krycnerová, in the roles of adults Vasil Fridrich, Aleš Petráš, Kristýna Boková or Ester Geislerová . They will appear as camp leaders and parents. “Martin and the Magical Forest is a summer film with a holiday atmosphere. We had our own real camp to shoot, and we all soon lost sight of the differences between filming and playing, between real leaders and actors, so we actually actually shot one real section,” says director Petr Oukropec.

In addition to the real atmosphere of the summer camp, forest creatures are important for the film, who will influence the fate of the entire camp. “Some of them are cheerful and others may be dangerous. Keep in mind that if you trip over a root in the woods or a pine cone falls on you, it’s not a coincidence and it’s not even a playful squirrel. It’s them and they show who’s in forest at home, ” says Petr Oukropec, who, as an acclaimed producer, gave rise to a number of acclaimed Czech films of the last twenty-five years and, as a director, made the films Blue Tiger and In Your Dreams!.

Our new trailer you can find here.